William E.C. Parker

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Mr. Parker continues to help clients resolve all aspects of complex family and estate law matters.

Mr. Parker also acts as a Mediator and is a qualified Family Law Arbitrator. Bill enjoys most aiding and seeing Clients move through and beyond personal family challenges. Mr. Parker graduated from Queen’s University Law School at Kingston, where he was awarded the Charles R. Webster Scholarship for academic and athletic achievement. He was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1994, after articling at a major Toronto law firm.


Mr. Parker instructed in the Estates Section and the Family Law Section of the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Bar Admission Course. He is a trained Collaborative Family Law lawyer and an Ontario Family Law Arbitrator. He was also a panel lawyer for the Office of the Public Guardian & Trustee. Mr. Parker speaks for the Canadian Bar Association, Ontario Section, on Life and Estate Planning topics and as a panelist in Continuing Legal Education programs in both Family Law and Estate programs. Mr. Parker is a member of the Estates and Trust and Family Law Sections of the Canadian Bar Association and the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners.


Mr. Parker advocates and assists Clients in all facets of Family, Estate and Trust law matters. Mr. Parker litigates Family, Divorce and Estate litigation matters where necessary. He routinely negotiates resolutions in Family Law and Estate matters, in a Collaborative Process or in the traditional legal model, as well. He also helps clients as a Family Law Mediator, an Estate Mediator or Arbitrator, solving or determining disputes among separated spouses and disgruntled Trustees and Beneficiaries.

Example Cases
  • His dad died. His “step mother” didn’t tell him or invite him to the funeral. When he found out, he confronted his “step mother”. They argued. She told him that his dad left everything to her in his will. He hired Mr. Parker. They challenged the validity of the will and he received hundreds of thousands of dollars, almost one-half of his dad’s estate.
  • He left her. She asked for support. When it wasn’t forthcoming in a reasonable manner, she commenced proceedings. He defended. He swore he earned approximately $60,000 per year. Little happened. She changed lawyers. Mr. Parker obtained an Order that he obtain a proper income report and a valuation of his business. He didn’t deliver any report as ordered. They brought a Motion for interim support, seeking a finding of income of more than ten times the husband’s sworn statement on which to base child and spousal support. An income report was eventually produced. The husband then took the position his income for support purposes was $200,000. They continued and argued. The Court found the husband’s income to be $557,000, and ordered the resulting support for the parties’ children and the wife.

Mr. Parker has also been counsel and helped clients in some of the following reported cases:

  • Whittick v. Woodall, 2011 ONSC 557
  • Ramlochan v. Ramlochan, 2010 ONSC 4323
  • Ying (Cindy) Zheng v. Long Zheng, 2012 ONSC 3045
  • Kaupp v. Kaupp, 2008 ABQB 372 (CanLII)
  • Denuzzo v. McLachlin, 2005 ONSC 34823
  • Llitchev v. Yevstigneev, 2003 ONSC 45938
  • Gartley v. Thibert, 2002 ONSC 2726

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