Our Difference

Parker & Company is a boutique Family and Estate law firm in Central Toronto. Our trusted, experienced advisors offer personalized and timely service with the requisite skill sets, training and legal knowledge necessary to resolve life’s most challenging Family and Estate problems.

“”Bill” was always the professional; he kept me calm under pressure and was an amazing litigator. I learned many things, while listening and watching him put his tremendous knowledge base and skills to use. He possesses excellent communication skills, both written and oral, a great work ethic, remains positive and always made me feel that he was trustworthy. Most important, were the times that his interpersonal skills came into play; offering me compassion, guidance and a very kind act that I will never forget, during a troubling time in my life. Acts of kindness are immeasurable and he always made me believe in his confidence to obtain what was best for me. I still continue to use him in other areas of expertise. Eternally grateful, thank you Bill.” EW

“Words, somehow, do not seem adequate to express my sincere thanks for representing me during the past 10 months of this horrific year of my life. One of the most fortunate things I chose to do was to make that apprehensive phone call to you late last November” JF

“Bill – many thanks for your assistance – I immediately called * to thank her for her follow up and in turn, I’m thanking you for your assistance. We no longer have a very embarrassing situation on our hands. Thanks again to your team for their speedy actions” MG

“Thanks for all our help… could not have gotten through without our help.”


“We (The * Family) all appreciate your assistance in this horrendous matter. Again thank you” A

“I would like to thank you for helping me get part of my life sorted out and settling my separation” RM

“It was such a great pleasure meeting you (and your team) – you are like a breath of fresh air. I will be calling soon”


“Your work ethic, professionalism, and integrity are wonderful qualities to strive for in observing you “in action” over this past year. I wanted and needed someone to take a small invested interest in me and your quiet support went beyond even my expectations”


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